Lavorel  began his music career growing up in Europe being inspired by both British hard rock bands and folk singer songwriters. After moving back to the U.S and fronting  a couple of hard rock outfits in the Southwest he moved from New Mexico to  the Bay Area in California and became a solo artist. mixing both elements of rock and folk music into the current sum of its parts..

Drawing on inspiration from 70's rockers like Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull to gothic bands such as The Sisters of Mercy as well as contemporary folk and singer songwriters Lavorel's sound is a fascinating blend of all these musical styles. Themes in his music range from the romantic poets of the 18th century to the vampire novels of Anne Rice as well as reflections on the free love generation and its disillusionment. Literary themes, lost loves, and utopian dreams grown cold litter the landscape of his lyrics backed up by a suitable barrage of rock or a winsome acoustic guitar.

The album "Masque" was culled in part from songs played with his band of the same name, that were the staple of their live shows. All written by him , they have been re-recorded, mixed and  mastered along with newer compositions into  a theme album . "Masque" explores the  vampire as metaphor for fallen rake or debauched  lord seeking some form of salvation all set to  a hard rock and often operatic and theatrical musical backdrop. Another collection of songs under the title "The Garden" (music for an apocalypse)  is due out by the end of the year and focuses on  the misguided dreams of the hippie generation and the triumph of narcissism and materialism

Lavorel is currently teamed up with violinist Gail Rorick in an acoustic duo named "Haunted Summer" which performs acoustic versions of some of the aforementioned material as well as new songs. Upcoming live performances are to be scheduled soon